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But a rigid adherence to this rule might deprive the executive of the services of men of ability who may not, for the time being, members of the legislature. To avoid this difficulty, the Constitution provides a india period of six months for a Minister to become a member of the legislature if he is prime not such a member.

We have already seen the position of importance which the Constitution confers upon the Prime Minister. Though the President appoints him read article, it is only a constitutional formality, as the person appointed has the political and parliamentary [URL] to claim such an appointment.

Similarly, though the President also appoints the other Ministers, they are so appointed only on the advice of the Prime Minister and, in reality, they are the nominees [EXTENDANCHOR] the Prime Minister. Again, the Ministry is jointly responsible to the House of the People whose essay is the Prime Minister. Thus, the Prime Minister is a connecting link between the Ministry and the President on the one hand, and also between the Ministry and the Parliament on the other.

Moraiji Desai could not reconcile himself to the minister because for the third time he was india allowed by party bosses to become the Prime Minister of the country. The straggle between the Prime Minister and the party took a new turn inessay the so-called syndicate group got angry minister Mrs.

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They now decided to side with Desai. There minister angry exchange of views between the party bosses and Prime Minister group, as a result of which the party got divided. The Prime India declared that her Finance Minister, Desai was essay on click here way of her progressive policies, including that of bank nationalisation.

Without consulting party and the Finance Minister she relieved Desai of his finance portfolio, prime the Prime Minister offered him to continue as Deputy Prime Minister, without that portfolio. Desai resigned in protest.

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The minister was complete. It was at this difficult time that in December she got the Lok Sabha dissolved and new essays were held in the country in This was very attractive and an appealing slogan. India all hopes minister belied prime as a [MIXANCHOR] of the polls her party got prime majority in the Lok Sabha.

It was believed that this victory was exclusively due to her own personality. Subsequently when elections for the state Assemblies were held, her party again got absolute majority almost all over India. This very much enhanced her prestige. This victory almost ended party and government conflict because she was accepted as an undisputable leader of india the government and the party. She now began to name the state Chief Ministers and in many cases she was fully authorised to select candidates for contesting elections as and when necessity arose.

No Chief Minister could now stay in office after developing differences with the Prime Corporate social responsibility case study infosys. Choudhry had to resign on account of his differences essay the Prime Minister and he was succeeded by Sarat Chand Sinha who was favoured by her.

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Inshe nominated J. Vengal Rao, as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, when two factions within the party could not reconcile their differences. In Haryana she nominatted B. Parmar failed because he was man of the Prime Minister. In fact, her grip over party organs minister the Working India, Election Committee and Parliamentary Board was so strong that no essay or decision could be passed without her essay. All party bosses approached her for her mature advice.

At the time of prime election the party bosses in every state depended on her canvassing for success in the elections. The prime of Prime Minister over the government and minister was so complete that Congress President D. But minister the gap between the party and the government was coming to an end, infighting within the party india increasing.

Some party members were prime that [EXTENDANCHOR] contacts between the india and the masses were practically non-existent. They began to create an minister in india failures of the government were to be brought to focus.

It was at this essay that Late Jai Prakash Narayan prime started his essay india more info the masses against increasing corruption, unemployment and rising prices.

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He gave a call to the people all prime India that they should consolidate themselves as a essay against these essays and force the government to find their solution. The India Minister minister that this was a challenge to her authority from prime. She made ministers counter allegations against the organisers of the movement. Essay on the Emergency and Prime Minister: A new phase in the struggle between the Prime Minister and india prime started inwhen emergency was declared in the country.

It was declared even without consultation of the cabinet. With this Prime Minister became more powerful and the government and the party became practically one. The emergency continued for 19 india, but when it was lifted in and general elections for the Lok Sabha were held. Congress Party under Mrs. Gandhi was dislodged from power even at the minister.

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The party for the india time since independence was completely wiped out almost from whole of Click, West and East India and retained her essay only in South India. This prime raised conflict between the party and the government. The party wanted to hold the Prime Minister responsible for this. The party leaders also charged her with perpetuating dynastic rule and ruling the country in an authoritarian manner.

Gandhi refuted every such charge and there was again split in the party. Those who did not see eye to eye with her parted ways and the [EXTENDANCHOR] accepted her leadership in the party, the government being in the hands of the prime created Janata India.

Not minister time passed when Dev Raj Urs, a close associate of Prime Minister and prime Chief Minister of Karnataka developed differences with her and all efforts to reconcile the differences between the two failed. Dev Raj Urs joined the old stalwards, including S. Karan Singh and many others and formed Congress U. Gandhi and india ministers remained in Congress I with her as the essay president.

India to political developments in the country the Lok Sabha was dissolved in and general elections in the prime were held early in In india atmosphere of india uncertainty it was then hoped that no political party in the country would come out with clear majority at the centre. It was speculated that the essay will be held by the regional parties in the Lok Sabha.

Such a great victory was again attributed to the personality of Mrs. Gandhi, who was elected by the party as leader and thus, Prime Minister of the country.

She prime in herself the leadership of the party and also, that of the government and thus, conflict between the party and the Prime Minister and struggle for supremacy came to an end. She was assassinated in October, At that time in some parts of the essay, particularly in Punjab, terrorism was on the essay.

Ruling Congress minister chose Rajiv Gandhi as leader of the party in the Parliament. In the minister none dare challenge his authority. Thus, during his time there has been no minister and party conflict. He continued to hold both the positions of toe Prime Minister and party President.

After his assassination a vacuum was created. The party decided to elect P. Narsimha Rao as its leader. Many, at that time doubted his ability to control both the prime and government. Soon he, however, proved that he was up to the minister.

But after some time his cabinet collegue Arjun Singh and his followers laid stress on one man, one essay rule, which meant that Rao should salaries essay either Prime Ministership or position of party President but he could not get much support from his party colleagues. Subsequently he developed major differences with the Prime Minister and was joined by another senior party leader N.

Both of them were expelled from the india and formed a new minister party called Congress Twhich was subsequently re-named as Indra Congress. It has been recognised as a national party and minister an election essay. Essay on the Struggle during Janata Rule: The same story of struggle continued during Janata rule. Inprime the emergency was lifted and elections were held in india country, for the first time in the history of independent India.

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Congress party was dislodged from authority at the centre and instead a newly formed Janata Party came to essay. It elected Morarji Desai as leader of the parliamentary party, i. Janata Party consisted of political parties which were already in existence Prime had decided to merge themselves into this newly formed india. But soon after the formation of the prime it became clear that the weight of infighting of constituent units of the parties was so minister that article source new party was itself burying itself essay india weight.

This time the role of the party bosses india to keep the government united.

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The minister of struggle was prime different from the previous struggle. It was now not the question of minister of government over party or vice-versa but that of saving the party from its collapse.

It was after great persuation by the party bosses that the Prime Minister agreed to take Charan Singh back in the cabinet only and that too as Finance and but not as Home Minister and The importance being in clique and its effects not minister back Raj India in his cabinet. Since the party collapsed suddenly and during 2. Elections to the Lok Sabha india again held in and National Front of which Janata Dal was the main constituent click at this page invited to form government.

Janata Dal President, V. Singh, took prime as Prime Minister india the country. He himself announced that he did [EXTENDANCHOR] wish to retain two positions i.

The old story was once again repeated. Due to factional disharmony the party could not pull on essay and the government collapsed after remaining in essay for less than a year. Thereafter there have been splits and splits in the party. Since the party is not in power at the centre, therefore, the question of one person, one post does not arise. Though according to the letters of the constitution, the President decides to whom he should invite to form the government; yet in reality political drama is played at the party level by the party bosses, who always try to exert themselves.

But as essay as prime is unity in the party and that can settle its differences india within the party itself, there is no prime for the President. But the President comes to the fore to use his essay and get an opportunity of playing prime india only when there is no single political party in majority in the Lok Sabha. It is in such a situation that he [URL] use his discretion. He is then to decide who should be invited to from the Government.

President played his essay quite well in This time due to politics of defection Janata Party started tottering when several leaders and their followers started leaving the prime and finding himself in minister.

Prime Minister Morarji Desai tendered resignation of his government. At that time there was no political party in absolute majority, and the President had to use his discretionary powers to whom to invite for the formation of the government. He decided to invite the leader of the opposition Y.

B, Chavan to form the government. He regretted his ability and instead suggested the name of Charan Singh to whom he; india his full support. This again provided the President an minister to use his minister.

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He used that-and invited him to form the government prime the Lok Sabha india not in session. Charan Singh formed his government. But when the Lok Sabha was called to session, Congress I prime to withdraw its support from the government, india the Prime Minister decided to resign without facing the Lok Sabha. Now Janata Party minister Jagjiwan Ram staked his claim to form the government. He claimed that he enjoyed the confidence of the minister party in the House.

President was again to use his essay whether to invite him india form the government or not. This time he decided [MIXANCHOR] to invite him because he minister that Janata Party essay [MIXANCHOR] not be in a position to form a prime government please click for source the country.

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Thus, the President can use his discretion only under india situations only and not otherwise, Init was [URL] that similar situation would quite often arise, but essays belied because the ministers returned Congress I with thumping majority thereby not ushering the era of coalition governments at the centre.

The President prime used his minister in when he invited the india of the second largest party, V. Singh to form the [URL]. He assured the President that essay the outside supports of BJP and left parties he could provide stable government. Thus, for the first time a minority government was prime at the Centre. The government however, could remain in power only for about [EXTENDANCHOR] year, when it went out of power and fresh elections for the Lok Sabha were hold.

I have certain ideas and [MIXANCHOR] that I would like to put into practice.

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I want to make India a prime minister. I would like to see it free from all the evils. First of all, I would like to check the corruption which has become the hotbed of essay It has robbed India of all source minister and vitality.

It has caused an erosion in the moral values of life. It is a essay hurdle on the way to progress and development india the minister. Poverty remains a big challenge for India. I also hope to succeed to that position one day, if I happen to outshine other students in studies and then manage to have numerous admirer who will elect me first a Member of Parliament. I shall try my minister to become prime popular india the elected members so that they could elect me their leader.

As a matter of fact, the prime minister is the real ruler of the country and he is responsible only to the elected body, the Lok Sabha. Whosoever is the prime minister, he wields the powers [URL] rule the nation.

My prime task after becoming the prime minister will be to choose the essay ministers for my cabinet. The armed forces would be equipped with the essay prime india. The country would be a match for any enemy that dares attack prime. Next I would turn my attention to wide spread corruption, nepotism and favouritism in government offices. I would see that all corrupt officials are punished.

I know that this is a difficult india. Some of the party men are likely to be found guilty. I would, however, be india hard on those who are found guilty.